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PharmInstinct Consulting Inc. is an innovative and pragmatic consultancy that provides client-focused expertise on the scientific, technical, quality assurance, quality control and project management aspects of developing, manufacturing and testing a wide range of pharmaceutical products.


Austin Freedman (Director, PharmInstinct Consulting Inc.) earned his honours degree in Pharmacy in 1984 from the University of London, England.  Subsequently, Austin became a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 1985.

Pursuing his aptitude for pharmaceutics (the science of pharmaceutical dosage form design and manufacture), Austin began his career in the pharmaceutical industry by joining the Pharmaceutical Research Department of Glaxo Group Research, UK.

During the next 15 years, Austin gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the development of a wide range of pharmaceutical solid and liquid (including parenteral) products, spanning the entire drug development process from pre-clinical development to scale up and transfer to commercial production.

In 1999, Austin transferred to GlaxoWellcome, Canada to contribute his expertise to the Pharmaceutical Sciences department. Here his leadership roles had strong impact on multi-national project teams developing significant products and technologies for GlaxoWellcome and GlaxoSmithKline.

Seeking an opportunity to contribute to a rapidly growing contract pharmaceutical development & manufacturing organization (CDMO), Austin joined Pharmaceutical Development Services (PDS) at Patheon’s Toronto Region Operations in 2002.  During his eight-year career at Patheon, Austin held senior leadership positions with accountability for meeting the stringent needs of clients’ projects while fulfilling the requirements of industry regulations.

As a result of networking, Austin was offered an opportunity to join Apotex in 2011 as Director, Technical Operations.  In this role, Austin continued to draw on his technical leadership acumen to enable operational excellence and new product launches in the fast-paced generic pharmaceutical environment. In 2014, Austin strengthened the inter-site technology transfer process at Apotex, implementing improvements that enabled manufacturing processes for a wide variety of products to be transferred robustly between sites in Canada, Europe and India.

Austin’s strength as an inspiring leader stems from his intense interest in motivational psychology that brings out top performance in individuals and teams. Austin earned a Diploma in Psychotherapy in 1995 from the National Council of Psychotherapists, UK. Trained in an eclectic blend of therapeutic modalities, he consistently applies the principles and techniques to coaching people and teams, maximizing their effectiveness and orientation towards success.


For more information please contact Austin Freedman at austin@pharminstinct.com