“While at Patheon, I had a chance to work with Austin directly in the formulations development group. Austin is a wonderful manager with strong leadership skills.  He has a knack for motivating the team members and bringing out the best within the team members. His leadership was clearly evident on several projects where he brought to fruition several client projects within the budgetary and project timelines.”  Vipan Dhall, PhD


“If one can define leadership as the quality to bring out the best in people and enable, empower and inspire them to achieve what would be normally considered extraordinary, then I would say that I have seen these qualities in Austin.  I had the opportunity to work with him from 2004 – 2006 when I worked with him directly and indirectly and later as a member of the Centres of Excellence Initiative Low Solubility team.  His technical expertise propelled the research aspect of our team, often into previously unexplored territories and his organizational vision and skills ensured that the research was in alignment with the broader organizational objectives.  The experience of working with him was technically enriching and provided me the understanding of the fine principles of successful leadership and managerial practices.”  Nav Sharma


“Austin is a very mature, responsible and dedicated pharmaceutical professional. He has high ethical standards and is respected by all.”  Terry Thomson


“Austin is one of the best Managers I have had in the pharmaceutical industry.  A leader with trust; he leads team members more than manages them. He recognizes talents and delegates with trust. He tends to motivate teams to make best use of their potential.  Excellent coach; provides insight, analysis of situations to lead his team members both technically and politically to succeed in projects as well as in career development.  Creative in organizational structure; based on existing structure, he comes with initiatives to structure change so to improve efficiency and optimize resource allocation.  Enthusiastic about new ideas; very supportive of new ideas, new technologies.  Excellent in identifying industry challenges and organizing teams to meet these challenges.”  Xiaoguang Wen, PhD


For more information please contact Austin Freedman at austin@pharminstinct.com